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POSSYS Delivery

Are you a large growing delivery point, you want to manage the delivery process from the received call of customer to the delivery of the order. You want to make it easier for your cookers checking the orders Just In Time, and make it easier to your drivers to remotely choosing ready orders after checking the addresses. Also the manager will be able to detect the late or canceled order, and give an alarm for the drivers!
Well organized statistics about every details will lead to improve your profits!
point of sale platform for owners and managers of fast food, pizza, and restaurants. Its intuitive UI makes it easy for employees to learn and navigate. For owners, POSSYS DELIVERY Intelligent reporting provides up-to-the-minute updates on sales — allowing for quick decision making and peace of mind.  Whether your business is one location, or a franchise chain,  POSSYS DELIVERY has the flexibility to scale to all business needs.


POSSYS Delivery system is more than just a point of sale terminal, and can help users’ businesses grow. In addition to point of sale functionality, POSSYS includes customer relationship management (CRM) and inventory management. Features such as advanced customer management allow retailers to keep track of customers’ personal details and purchases. POSSYS can track the caller number then include it in the customer file to be detected next time calling.

General Information:↓

POSSYS could be used as a network system on a local network that enables the unique working between Order employee with the kitchen cookers and finally with the drivers to deliver the order, in the same time the manager can monitor the operation remotely from his office. On the other hand, POSSYS could be used as a single PC program on touch screen.

POSSYS is able to detect and deal with all the terminals like Barcode, RFID Cards, Dallas cards, Magnetic cards, and any other Card/Code reader. Then defining the items and products is very easy using Barcode, on the other hand the detection of the drivers motion in/out the shop could be detected using RFID cards.

POSSYS kitchen’s screen will make it easier for the kitchen cockers to get the orders just in time, and submit them to the drivers who will also have a screen to check ready to submit orders.

The full reporting and statistics capabilities in this application allow users to analyze and interpret their daily sales numbers according to the top sold items. POSSYS also make easy to manage and monitor drivers work, motion and salary.

POSSYS is a Windows-based, on-premise point of sale system that runs on Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP.

POSSYS is a complete and easy-to-use Point of Sale solution that was designed to simplify the entire sales process, from the call of the customer to the delivery of the order. The cornerstone of POSSYS's success in the market is the software's intuitive interface, which allows users to quickly learn and optimize all of the available system features. Retailers can mix and match all of the modules available in POSSYS in order to build a POS system that exactly meets their needs.

All of this information can be brought together using POSSYS’s collection of built-in reports. Retailers can also use the Management Dashboard Overview, a unique system feature that gives managers a quick overview of critical store data.

POSSYS offers their clients top-notch training, live technical support, and regular program enhancements based directly off customer feedback.

We consistently hear positive feedback from buyers about the company’s sales, implementation, and support teams, and feel comfortable recommending it to just about any point of sale retailer.


we offer very good program in transport and delivery systems Own a quick serve enviroment? Let POS SYS make it quicker! Our Restaurant and Cafe point of sale provides a user-friendly interface with quick buttons for employee convenience. It’s smooth process gives your customers a better experience!
You can rely on POS SYS’s Restaurant and Cafe point of sale software to grow your business. Some additional features includes: the abiilty to create gift cards, loyalty points for your customers, coupons and even specialized discounts!


How to install:

Automaticlly online one click install:

Our applications Install all needed programs online , just download the application from the User panel - My programs, then click to install the pos program to your machine and run the exe file.

Install programs manually :
  1. Crystal report. 32 , 64
  2. .net client. 32 , 64
  3. Sql Express. 32 , 64
  4. Sql Management studio. 32 , 64
  5. Then Pos program from the clinet panel - My programs.